The Port Phillip Sea Pilots (PPSP) service has been in place for over 170 years and
today serves the ports of Melbourne, Geelong and Western Port 24 hours a day
every day of the year.



All large shipping must engage a pilot in order to traverse a port entrance and the shipping channels. Pilot launches operate from the Sea Pilot shore bases to transfer the pilots to and from ships, meeting the ships in a designated area in Bass Strait. Pilot transfer by launch also operates between the wharf and a ship at anchorage in port, and a pilot must be taken on board before a ship leaves its berth for the journey back into Bass Strait.

The history and operation of the pilot service is a feature of the Museum including a work boat from the Wyuna, a scale model of the steam yacht Alvina, historic artefacts, charts and maps. A DVD tells the story of the Port Phillip Sea Pilot Service.

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